Changed Server and now issues

I recently changed hosts for my site and the process went very smooth to move the files and the MySQL data over - all seemed good when navigating the site and in the admin area etc.

However, I noticed a few issues now - using PayPal standard as the payment setting, I am sporatically getting hung up on the final step when connecting to PayPal - getting the “please be patient” message before PayPal gets launched -

Just stays there forever, and then the Open order in the cart admin is messed up - wrong totals, no taxes, no shipping etc.

As well, I noticed that when printing previous invoices from the cart admin white blank screen comes up…

Any ideas at all?

Current cart version 1.3.4

OLD server was MySQL4 - new one is MySQL 5 - dont think it should matter - edited line in config.php to use MySQL5

OLD server was older version of PHP new server is newer version - again - shouldnt make any difference from what I know - especially the issues I am having

Thanks in advance

Was going to delete this post, but thought my answer might be helpful to others in the future.

All problems are now solved and it turns out it was my permissions on the /var/compiled folder - had then set to 755 like I thought was needed - but this was the issue - changed to 777 and all issues resolved - will read some more on exact settings, but wanted to let people know what I did

Changing server environment usually takes a while to get used to,

Check S-Combss reply in “hosting” (I think, it’s stickied anyway :))

Thanks for the reply Jesse - much appreciated