Changed admin email and now none work

Hi there i am setting up a cart for a client and have entered about half the products. I changed the admin email from the one i had to the new one they want to use. Everything was fine and the new email and password worked to enable twigmo as well.

I have gone in today to try and log in and none of the usernames or passwords work to log in. I have tried the forgot password option and regardless of entering the new or the old email address it says that they are invalid.

is there anything in terms of a file i can check through the ftp server to see what it thinks the admin email address is. At least that way i can type the correct address to get the password reset.



The best place to find the admin email is in the user database table. You can reset the password there too.

I got hacked once upon a time and the only way I was able to get in was by changing the db record manually.

yep i found the users table in the database. Found the email and then created a new account through my cpanel to match that address