Change Words In Search Field

Hello everyone,

I am running 3.0.6.

I would like to change the phrase "search products" in the search field to something like "Search example Spider-Man #40". I want this example because a search of "spiderman 40" and not "spider-man #40" will return zero results even if the product is in stock. The - and # symbols are important to a accurate search.

Only other option I can think is to add text just below the search field which might look better but I do not know how to do this either.

I appreciate any and all suggestions!

You should modify the value of the search_products language variable. You can do it in the administrator area. Add the ?q=search+products&dispatch=languages.manage&x=0&y=0&descr_sl=EN to your request in the administrator area.

For example:

Log in the admin panel and go to Administration -> Languages page

Then put Search products to the Search for pattern field and click on the Search button

Change the value of the language variable in the Value column and click on the Save button

I thank you both kindly for the replies. I was able to achieve the desired effect. This should help my customers in their searches