Change What Is Shown By Google Search

I have made a page for my shop.

When you search the description that google pulls is pretty generic. I understand there is an SEO area for each item but how do you change the general description of the page?

I get the following



Websiteite Name





Pages Of Interest. Growers Details · Kalleske Wines · Links · Ordering · Recipes · SMS Reminders · Why Organic? Raw Organic Milk …[color=#777777]

‎[color=“#1e0fbe”]Gift certificates[/color] - ‎[color=“#1e0fbe”]Promotions[/color] - ‎[color=“#1e0fbe”]BOXES[/color] - ‎[color=“#1e0fbe”]Fruit Only[/color][/color][/color][/color]


Rather than pages of interest etc, i Would like to have a description of what the site is about

Hello Confusion!

It's simple. In the admin panel go to Design → Layouts. Click on the Home page tab and you will see a little gear icon next to the title. Click this gear icon and input the Page title, Meta description, Meta keywords for your home page.

It will take some time for Google to reindex your page.

Best regards, Alt-team

Thank you i found it :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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