Change theme folder name


I need to change my theme folder name but not to have any impact on my website design/layout. So for instance my used theme folder name is AAA and I need to change ti to BBB. How can I achieve that ? I’m using abt__unitheme2 theme, I don’t want to have any design impact by changing the folder name abt__unitheme2, DB seems to have may result with this name.

Further more, anyone knows how to alter the code/access files paths in order for websites that find CMS not to see that is CS-CART ? I need that because I have called several online vendors to put their products on my site and they where smiling saying, “hmm… CS-CART, cheap solution , I rather sell my products on my website or on important competitors markertplace websites which are using in house made solution…”


Try to use the default Clone theme feature for this.