change the CS Cart folder


I installed the CSCart system in sub folder in my server, but i didn’t chabge any configourtion in the install process. now that I write the name of the domain in the address area the website don’t show me the photos and text because CS-CArt don’t recognize itself in the sub foldet. the system think that it is in the main folder.

is it possible to define again, after the installion, the path where CS-Cart is real located in?

Be sure to check your config file as you should be able to update the info and directories in there.

In your config.php

// Host and directory where cs-cart is installed on usual server
$cscart_http_host = '[COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]';
$cscart_http_dir = '[COLOR="red"]/your-subfolder[/COLOR]';

// Host and directory where cs-cart is installed on secure server
$cscart_https_host = '[COLOR="red"][/COLOR]';
$cscart_https_dir = '[COLOR="red"]/your-subfolder[/COLOR]';

Also make sure you empty your cache in admin

thanks baballuci

but after I changed congif.php I can’t enter to the admin panel (back office) - Explorer trys to load the page all the time. do I need to cahnge anything else?

You shouldn’t need to change anything else.