Change Sub-Categoryies View

Is there any option to change the layout of sub-category pages … for example

Main Category

— sub category 1

– sub category 2

when user clicks on “Main Category” he will see only 2 links on the page

sub category 1

sub category 2

I want to display images and some text for these sub-categories on same page?

Please suggest how to do that?

Take a look at [url][/url]

An example of a site I have used this on is [url][/url]

You can easily add the text description under the images if you want.

Thanks I’ll give this a go…!

Hello Triplets,

I’ve implemented this one but this is not showing products once we have clicked on categories and sub-categories?

Please see example of what i’m trying to do? > Click on address labels > 1 per sheet

This has 2 products (10 sheets, 25 sheets) which aren’t appearing.

Can you please advise on this?

Kind regards