Change Size Of Invoice And Packing List 4.1.3

Is there any easy way to change the format size of the invoices and packing lists? I am printing to a receipt printer and the paper size is 80mm wide.

PDF formats are fixed size and there are no hooks that I'm aware of. Now that this is a “service”, it is difficult to modify the 'format' without modifying the core Class. But if you want to modify the core class you can modify the 'page_size' parameter used on about line 62 of the class. It is hard-wired to A4.

Now, finding out what “the service” will accept for this is probably going to be a helpdesk question to get the documentation for the service.

If you want to change the non-pdf infvoices, just edit the


file or create an override file in your my_changes directory at


You'll need to change the body width property to be the width you want it.

Might have to verify the last path in the knowledge base, I'm too lazy to look it up.