Change Setting Cache Not Store In Database


Recently we have upgrade our store from cs-cart 3.x to cs-cart 4.x,

on previous all cache file store in var directly. but now all cache store in database.

there is any setting option or code alteration for cache store in var directory rather then database.



Open the config.local.php file and find the following lines of code:

/ Cache backend
// Available backends: file, sqlite, database, redis, xcache, apc
// To use sqlite cache the "sqlite3" PHP module should be installed
// To use xcache cache the "xcache" PHP module should be installed
// To use apc cache the "apc" PHP module should be installed
$config['cache_backend'] = 'file';


You are welcome!


The virtual private cpanel server I created and which serves as a template for other CS Cart shop owners who would like to host their store on a VPS with us.

Right now for our own CS Cart V4.3.3 Ultimate stores we simply cannot use

Redis, APCu and XCache, yet all those three are properly configured and installed. All I can see when the developer debugging is enabled that the main cause are some how related to missing items in both our installs.

So I am very curious if Shravan has XCache working for him/her.