Change registration confirmation e-mail

Hello, I wonder how to change that email template

Because now letter begins with “Dear (First name)”

example: Dear Kiril

I want to be "Dear (title)(Family name) or (title) (Full name)

example: "Dear mr. Aleksandrov. or Dear mr. Kiril Aleksandrov

Is anybody knows how to change this ?

Thank you.

I didn’t test this but you can try it to see if it works


Change this line

```php {$lang.dear} {if $user_data.firstname}{$user_data.firstname}{else}{$user_data.user_type|fn_get_user_type_description|lower|escape}{/if},

```To this

```php {$lang.dear} {if $user_data.firstname}{$user_data.title} {$user_data.firstname} {$user_data.lastname}{else}{$user_data.user_type|fn_get_user_type_description|lower|escape}{/if},


Would be nice Kiril if you can write if its working!

Yes it works, thank you very much.

I noticed that when you making registration, there is no title selection field, also if you try to edit profile from admin panel.

So in the welcome massage title is missing too.

Now he looks like this: “Dear Firstanme Lastname”

Thanks ones again.

This code must be changed where it is in each tpl file.

Thank you very much.

But i would like addtionally this.

If its a women it come Mrs. If its a men it´s appears Mr.

i tried this:

{if $user_data.title eq "Mr."} {$lang.dearm} {else} {$lang.dear}{/if}{if $user_data.firstname}{$user_data.title} {$user_data.firstname} {$user_data.lastname}{else}{$user_data.user_type|fn_get_user_type_description|lower|escape}{/if},

The lang dearm is for the men the other lang dear is for the women.

Whats wrong?

thank you very much!

Huhhh, have i the pestilence, because nobody do answer or help me???