Change "quantity Discounts" In Bulk For All Products.


I searched Google and the forums and I almost found what I need, but for a version 3.x. We are on 4.x and I need to be able to simply apply percentage based discount for wholesale quantity breaks.

For example 6 items 5% discount, 12 items, 7% discount, 100 items 20% discount.

I want to be able to apply the same price/quantity breaks to all of our products. We have about 1600 products now and growing so doing this one by one is not feasible.

Please let me know if there is an addon or a reliable way to do this through import/export and manual editing (not preferred).



import export is doable but long winded,

ez merchant services has an addon for this, where you just search the products in the backend and apply discounts to as many as you like. I use it, works great…-discounts.html

Thanks for that! I installed the EZ Marchant Services addon and it indeed works.

I now need to figure out how to apply the discounts to all of our 1500+ products at the same time since we keep adding new products and CS Cart does not have a filter for new products in the back end.

ie. the new products would not have any discount applied unless we do it manually for each product.

How are you adding your new products?

Manually, one by one using the CS Cart admin backend.

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Manually, one by one using the CS Cart admin backend.


To sort products by the recently added date, please use the following URL in the admin panel:

Ah great! Thanks for that.

[quote]Manually, one by one using the CS Cart admin backend.[/quote]

And so you want a tool to do the same thing as clicking the Quantity Discount tab? I'm confused.


We have developed the Quantity Discount Bulk Edit add-on that allows to modify the quantity discounts in a couple of clicks. The discussion is here.