Change Product Price In Order Using Api

Hi guys,

I trying to change product price on existing order using an API - without any results. Maybe you know, how to do it or how to create new order with custom product price usung API?

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No, no. I don't want to change color :)

I want to change product price in existing order. I've tried to:

- create new order using API with custom product price. But price are omitted,

- change price in existing order using API. The same story - price are omitted.

So the question is - how to change product price in order? Or how to create an order with custom product price.

Sorry, my answer was for another thread

The trouble is that changing an item's price has impact through the whole order calculation. It could affect shipping cost, taxes, discounts, etc. I would NOT advise trying to modify an order via the API. You need the support of the rest of the business rules within the system. Hence to change an item's price, you should use the admin panel/edit order functionality.