Change product list layout


I have at the moment V3.02

I have a problem with Products list layouts settings.

I have only 3 options:

[size=5]Products list layouts settings.[/size]


List without options

Compact list

At the moment I'm using Grid but now I have added lines arround the products. But there is no space between them. I'm clueless who to get an space between them.

See my image.

Also, I checked my Skin and I see more options. Can I use these also?

I just want a nice columslist for my categorie products.

Let me know what the solution is.


product list layout.jpg

You can make some changes in your CSS files to make this work.

I tried but can't seem to find it to get the space between them. I went from V3.01 to V3.02. Maybe there is something changed?


.multicolumns-list table .product-title-wrap {

padding: 8px 0 0;


Ajust padding

bas.css line 2314 environ

I use firebug




table {

border-collapse: separate;

border-spacing: 5px;


.center-block {

margin: 0 auto;

border: 1px solid #1066A5;

border-radius : 4px;


Hi, ok will try that. Let you know.

Finally tried it. It worked. It's not very top but it's very clear.

I have put an shadow box in it. But now you don't see the shadow in IE. Any ideas?

Shadow box using CSS?

If yes, then it will work in Major Browsers like : Chrome, FF, Opera, Safari.

But in IE box-shadow property of CSS won't work in IE. For this you'll have to add extra properties to make it work.