Change Position Of Logo

Where in the files can I change the position of the logo . The logo that was in our template was in the middle. When we upload new logo that is a little bigger it makes the logo off to the left. This is a responsive theme. Can someone tell us how in the world we can make the new logo line up back in the middle please. :grin:

Please share the URL of your website. Actually logo position can be changed by editing the position of the Logo block on the Default layout page (Design -> Layouts -> Default)

We went and looked at the logo block and there is nothing there to edit. Does have a user defined css class that says top logo. We are just tryng to get it centered up and also where on other pages it pusher the main block down so that it doe not sit on top of eveything..

How do you wish to achieve this? Using the inbuilt logo system within CS Cart or just do it manually?

I guess do it manually.

Not sure if the logo on the correct position now. But try to add the following rule to the CSS section of the Theme editor:

.ty-logo-container__image {
    maring-left: -125px;

did not move it.

did not move it.

Looks ok for me

We got it. Just found it had to change to

  1. margin-top: -40px;
  2. margin-left: -205px;

thank you for all the help ! :grin: