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I would love to see a feature that allows you to change the status on multiple orders all at one time, instead of having to handle each order individually.

Other shopping carts already have this feature. If CS-Cart is going to be competitive, they really need to add this to their cart.

For stores that receive many orders every day, it’s a time-consuming hassle to have to update the status on each order separately, and even more of a hassle to have to view each order individually to update the shipping details.

We need a feature that allows the administrator to select multiple orders at the same time and then choose a status from the list to update all the selected orders to that status at the same time.

Ideally, this would also include the ability to update multiple orders to “Shipped” status at the same time instead of having to create shipments one at a time for each individual order.

Our previous cart had a “Batch Ship” function that allowed us to select multiple orders, add tracking numbers for each order, and update all the selected orders to Shipped status at the same time, all on one screen. CS-Cart desperately needs a similar feature. A search of this forum shows there have already been several requests for this in the past five years. Hello CS-Cart folks, your customers obviously want this feature so where is it?

Hello realityshifter,

Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us. I agree with you that this feature will be very helpful for our clients who own a store with a large number of orders placed per day.

I would like to inform you that since we have started using the UserVoice service to accept new feature requests and suggestions on improving CS-Cart:

This service helps us give impartial estimation of the necessity to create a certain feature. Any CS-Cart user who is registered on CS-Cart Forums can vote for a feature and offer their own one. The most popular features have good chances to be developed and added to nearest CS-Cart releases.

We would like to ask you to post your suggestion to the CS-Cart forum at The detailed information and explanation why this feature is important to be implemented will help it earn more votes and probably be among the top features that might be added to CS-Cart.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

i agree with #1, cs-cart should have the add-on as basic requirements.

i have 30+ orders per day and it sucks to update per manual status.

open to process. process to shipped/completed.

great idea

Is there interest in an addon that can do batch updates of status on the view orders page in the admin panel?

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Is there interest in an addon that can do batch updates of status on the view orders page in the admin panel?


yes, i got asked by many client regarding this feature, they having trouble to mass update process and shipping.

if got 100 orders for a day, then must change 200 times (manually)

Okay, should have one available tomorrow or so…

Okay, addon is available…

Docs are at:

Product is at:

Price: $24.99

The “Choose action” link now contains a select box of order statuses.

Simply select the orders you want to change and then choose the status.

The page will automatically submit when an order status is selected.

It will report the number of orders changed and the status code the orders were changed to.

And if you're forgetful like me and always forget to select the orders, it will tell you when there were no orders selected.

You can check this addon

Mass Order Status Update