Change Order Status Email Subject Line

I think this may require a template edit but i am not sure where to find what is controlling this action.

I have my order status notifications being sent out when orders are “processing” and “complete”.

I would like to change the Email subject line to display as follows.

old: [company name]: Order #1332 has been completed

new: Order #1332 has been completed

The setup of my order status options is:

E-mail subject: has been completed

So, somewhere there is a variable that is inserting my site's company name, and also the order # information. I poked around on some older threads, but the [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif] /skins/YOURSKIN/mail/orders/invoice.tpl directory / file does not exist in the newer version(s) of cs-cart.[/font][/color]

Where can edit this so that the subject line no longer has the company name?

What version is your site?

For V4, it will be in /design/backend/mail/templates/order_notification_subj.tpl

Please also do not forget: