Change Mouse Hover Colour?

Hi There,

How can I change the colour of a drop down menu (Categories, Account, Cart) when I hover the mouse over it? I can't see this colour anywhere in Theme editor. Pictures attached for references (Blue is normal colour and green is when I hover - I'd like to change the green).

Have a great weekend!

Please share URL of your store

For your theme please use the following code to the CSS section of the Theme editor

.ut2-top-my-account .ty-dropdown-box__title:hover, .ut2-top-cart-content .ty-dropdown-box__title:hover {
    background: yellow;

Thank you very much!

That worked really well for the account and cart on the right, but not for the categories on the left. Do you know what the reference in the CSS is to get the Categories hover to change?

Thank you.

Try to add

.advanced-header .top-menu-grid .top-menu-grid-vetrtical .ty-dropdown-box__title:hover, .ut2-top-my-account .ty-dropdown-box__title:hover, .ut2-top-cart-content .ty-dropdown-box__title:hover {
    background: yellow;

Thank you so much :-)

You are welcome! :)