Change Mobile Layout In 4.2.4

How does one change the mobile (i.e. Iphone) layout in 4.2.4

I see a few problems I do not like and want to change:

Products on Category page only show in one long column. I have seen other shopping carts on Iphone that list products in two columns. Is this adjustable in cs-cart. I see a setting for number of columns for the desktop store, but where are the settings for mobile store in the Admin Panel.

Second problem is all our menus are collapsed on the Iphone; very annoying. I bet most customers do not realize there are menu selections hidden. On the desktop site they are all un-collapsed by default. How do I change this mobile behavior.

Third, where are all the mobile settings controlled in the cart. For example, where are the mobile css settings? How do I enable or disable a block on the mobile device?

Fourth, if i want, can I turn off the mobile skin and show the desktop site on the mobile devices?

I am using the default 4.2.4 with the Facebook responsive skin. I know the new cs-cart responsive skin is supposed to be mobile friendly, but personally the out of the box version is pretty pathetic and limiting.


Am I to assume by the lack of response to my post that there are no settings to control the mobile site's look and functionality in cs-cart 4.2.4?

It is “responsive CSS”, not a mobile store or mobile layout. Everything is done by breakpoints (screen width). You will have to redo the CSS to get the effects you want.

Strongly suggest you use a strong front-end developer like Vali (hungry web) so it's done right. You won't be able to learn this from a forum.

You could also purchase a theme like Vivashop:

or BuyShop:

You can also use our Additional Block Settings module to enable / disable blocks for mobile / tablet devices.

If you have any questions regarding the module, please let me know.