Change Hook

I have an addon that displays something in the Checkout Step 4.

I want it to display in Checkout Step 3 on the right hand side. Where do I start looking to change that?

Thanks - Mr Noob.


[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]views/checkout/components/checkout_steps.tpl[/QUOTE]

Thanks. I have looked at the CS documentations and gone through that file with a fine tooth comb and nothing makes sense. I cannot seem to find anything to do with hooks.

No matter I’ll keep hunting.

Good news is I have done the date picker.


Are you talking about my checkout summary fields addon?

If so (as we discussed in email), you will need to move the file


to some other name like


And then go find the area you want to add that info and insert

{hook name=“checkout:custom_fields”}{/hook}