Change Gift Certificate emails

I would like to change the emails a user gets if someone buys him/her a gift certificate, at the moment is says

Dear (name),

Your gift certificate has been created successfully. Please wait until it is activated.

Id rather it said something like…

Dear (name),

You have received a gift certificate to spend at (cart name)!

You will receive an email as soon as it becomes active, then you can spend it.

Also id like to change the email subject line to say

You have received a gift certificate from (cart name) rather than what it says now.

Can someone tell me what files i need to change to do this?


Try in orders, gift certifictaes, then on right hand side of page you will see Gift certificate statuses link, open this and then edit status


Thanks for that, it helps solve part of the problem… is there a way to edit more of the email template that you know of?


You will probably need to edit /skins/YOURSKIN/mail/addons/gift_certificates/templates/default.tpl


ah right, thats what i was looking for, thanks