Change from decending to acending


It will be easiest to explain if you just visit my page here:


As you can see this is the parent page to all of these pages listed. Also you can see that they are listed from the oldest to the newest. My question is this, How do you make them list from newest to oldest?

You have SEO URLs on so I can’t see what your blog’s page_id is, but suppose it’s “6”.

In core/fn.cms.php, there is a function called fn_get_pages(). Find the line $total = 0; (in version 2.0.8, it is on line 200). Right after this, insert


// Again, assuming blog page id is 6.

if ($params[‘parent_id’] == 6) {

$sorting = "?:pages.timestamp desc ";

} ```

Be aware that the timestamp seems to be rounded so if you create one page right after another, it might show out of order.