Change Font size and color for Order Info Page

i would like to bold and color the customer Order Info page - Status reply so that after an order is placed the Status is BOLD and Colored to standout.

This is primarily for Failed status.

In what template and location would I add/amend the code?


In /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/views/orders/details.tpl, look for the following:

{$lang.status}[B][COLOR="Red"][/COLOR][/B]: {include file="common_templates/status.tpl" status=$order_info.status display="view" name="update_order[status]"}

You should be able to move the closing strong tag to include the actual status.



Thank you for your reply. If I want to change add the STRONG would I delete the one in red in your example and if so would the replacement go at the end of the line?

Sorry, put coding is not a strong point for me.



I haven’t tried it but I think that should do it.



Just make sure the is INSIDE the coding or it won’t work.

Good luck! (And good idea, too!)

The most portable (and upgrade independent way) would be to make the styling change via CSS, not by modifying the template. They should have used a and styled it for ‘bold’ versus using a tag within the table element.

But if you’re not comfortable with html code, then I’m guessing creating a local css file and adding the styling would be a bit out of reach.