Change Font for Emails?

Does anyone know what file I need to edit to change the font type of the emails… to something like Arial 12pt. I want the font of the order statuses to match the font of invoice in the email. I've attached an image of what font I'd like to change. (The default font looks like 12pt Times New Roman.)



Hello hptmotor!

Try to do the following. Follow this directory /skins/your_skin/mail/orders/order_notification.tpl

In order_notification.tpl find the line {$order_status.email_header|unescape}

Assign the font type and size to this line. For example:


Best regards, Alt-team

Thanks Alt-Team! That worked… but I want to re-phrase my question. I want all email content to be 12px Arial, not just order notifications. I need to “globally” change the email font… which would cover RMA emails, Gift Certicate Emails, Customer Registration Emails, Order Emails, etc…

I looked at the letter_header.tpl file within [ [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]/skins/your_skin/mail/ ] but I don't know if I can add something to that or not to make this work. It seems this file is included with all emails though.[/font][/color]

They are separate and you will need to edit the template for each one. For example, RMA and Gift certificate are addons so you will need to look in /skins/your_skin/mail/addons/ to edit those templates.

This is an old post but cannot see that anything has changed since?

There should be an easy way to globally set the default font-face and font-size for ALL HTML emails. For a) general users of a shopping cart, digging into and editing templates is not their forte and requires passing this task and ££’s to a third party or B) for in-house developers, an awful lot of time to undertake what should be a straightforward Admin form item:

Default Font For All Emails: Arial, Verdana, whatever…

Default Font Size For All Emails: 10px, 11px, 12px. whatever…

If this has been addressed anywhere, I haven’t found it yet!