Change Files (in general)

My question is pretty basic. When I view orders and click “print invoice” on top it shows me the invoice. I went ahead and went to /skins/aquarelle_red/mail/orders>invoice.tpl and modified it to show the company name in bold.

Basically added {$} in the respective spot.

I then uploaded the file back to the server and overwrote the file.

Question #1: Should I have uploaded this file to a my_changes folder like I should do for css changes?

Question #2: Should I make any changes to a my_changes folder?

Question #3: Is there ever a time to not ( or not be able to ) make changes to a file by making a copy to a my_changes folder.

Just making a copy and saving it in my_changes doesn't do anything.

You would have to insert a {hook} tag to get it to look for whatever you've put into my_changes.

For something like this, best to just add a comment ahead and behind what you did. I.e.

{* Added strong tags }

your html clode

End add of strong tags *}

This will make your changes clear during next upgrade where this file comes into conflict.

Alternatively you could surround the code with hook tag like:


{hook name=“orders:invoice_company_name”}



And then have a skins/aqualrelle_red/mail/addons/my_changes/hooks/orders/invoice_company_name.override.tpl file that contained your




As you can see, it's pretty much a wash since you'd have to modify the distributed template anyway even to add the hook. So I'd recommend you just do the first method of adding code to the standard template but adding comments too so it's easy to remember what you did next year.