Change Featured Product image sizes

Is it possible to change them? I’ve looked through the admin panel and tunneled down through the .php and .tpl pages but eventually ended up with what I think is an equation to generate their size and I’m stuck. Anyone have any tips or pointers for changing the size of the featured product images? Thank you,


Featured products template is found in


this file in turn says either to use…

/skin/skin_name/customer/product_pages/products.tpl OR products_multicolumns.tpl

and both of these in turn call ONE file, which is


you could create a new product_image.tpl, say featured_image.tpl and make changes to the products.tpl so that if the product is “featured” then use your new featured_image.tpl

Its going to take some work to achieve this.


I gotta learn some patience, usually after I post and keep digging I keep coming up with the same ideas you are kind enough to post. :slight_smile:

How long have you been using cs-cart? You are very well versed in it. Thanks bud.


Actually only used cs in demo modes over the last 6 weeks+…I however, have been using Xcart since 2002…(painfully) :slight_smile:

Same type of product and same concepts are used…