Change Domain Name in Ultimate

Hey guys

I have a problem with moving two Ultimate stores to a new domain.

I had 4 domains set up in my Ultimate install.

mysite3 and mysite4 were individual sites because one of the suppliers would not allow their two ranges to be sold from one site. However, they have since changed their policy, but with the new policy, is a rule change in their trademark being used in the domain.

So, I am now allowed to sell both product ranges from mysite3 and mysite4 on my new site, lets call it

I then (manually) edited all the products Store owner from mysite4 to mysite3. Missing Feature: Cannot edit product Store Owner in Bulk Edit.

I then changed the domain name of 'mysite3' to 'mynewsite'

However, how do I set up a 301 redirect for '' and '' to '' - obviously the URL structures are all the same (products and categories), therefore I am wondering how I can set up a global 301 redirect for these domains as no site root exists for these 'virtual' domains therefore no htaccess rules seem to work.

Anybody else done this and found a solution?


If I understand you correctly, you have to park your old domain(s) - in cpanel or whm - on the new domain.

This might already be enough. But if not, you can edit .htaccess on your new domain's account to point stuff to the right direction.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Flow. Just deleted the 'Addon' domains in cPanel, then added them back in as 'Parked' domains, redirecting both to the new domain. However, they only redirect to the root domain (ie. the admin domain). Doesn't look like this one is going to be as simple a fix as I first thought.

Maybe something like the following in httpd.conf (CPanel in Apache post config).

ServerName *

Redirect 301 /

ServerName *

Redirect 301 /