Change discount label to "SAVE $"

I had this whipped in v2.0.4 but as usual kept lousy notes and after searching here several times for the solution obviously came up empty. So I am clueless how to make this happen in 2.0.14.

The default view for a product is a little discount tag with something like, “-17%.” Does absolutely nothing for me and I assume most customers. What I had and need is to change this to “Save $10.45” or “Save 17%” - the actual dollar difference or the percentage.

NM - figured it out right now. So simple I should pay someone to kick me in the head for not seeing it sooner!

In case anyone has a similar brain fart,


product_data.tpl (/TEMPLATE_NAME/customer/common_templates/)

FIND (about halfway down as **** Discount Label ****)

-{if $}{$product.discount_prc}{else}{$product.list_discount_prc}{/if}%


Save {if $}{$product.discount_prc}{else}{$product.list_discount_prc}{/if}%

So basically replace the “-” with “Save” and that’s it.


Should probably make a language variable since you’re now using text. Something like


and then changed to


And the code above changed to:


Thank you sir for the suggestion.