CHange Design Look For Just 1 Category

Hi All,

Ok I must admit I usually just pay my programmer to do things for me. But lately I have had no luck getting him to do too much. So figure maybe it is time I learn a few things to do on my own.

I would like to change the page design 1 just 1 category. Making it look different than the normal website look. Maybe even almsot making it look totally different (product we are selling is differnet).

Could someone please tell me if this is done in the blocks, or will I need to actually edit a page (if so how do I find this page).

Newbie at this so please be kind, and in simple old man form. :-)


I'm pretty sure that changing the design for one category is not going to be trivial. You would probably be time and money ahead just to hire one of the friendly and talented developers who frequent these forums to do this for you.