Change default subject when receive email "Contact Us"

When someone uses the “Contact Us” feature, I receive the email in my inbox, but the subject stays “Contact Us”, and the email shows the sender as it I sent it to myself. How can I change the default subject and email address so when I receieve the email it says what I want it to say instead of “Contact Us”, and have the email show the email address that the person that is sending it?

Hello, parodius420!

We've checked this functionality. As far as we can see, it requires custom modification if you want to change default subject. At the moment Subject is the name of “Contact Us” form, e-mail address is the e-mail which you specified in the Company settings (Settings-> Company, Help/Support department e-mail address). We will be glad to provide you with our custom development service if you are interested.

Best regards, Alt-team.