change default language


I just create a new language for the storefront to have indonesia on it. so now i have 2 language.

because most of my customer is in indonesia, I change the setting>>appearance>>costumer setting>>costumer area default language to indonesia. but after refreshing so many time and do the clear cache so many time. when i open the the first language that show up is always english. anyone have a same experience before?

Please share… and how to fix this?


Hi, Can anyone help?

Hello dsc81!

I've tried to reproduce this issue on the test site and have the same problem as you do.

The fact is that CS-Cart uses English as a default language. You can set another language as the default one in the settings but it won't work because the storefront language seems to be detected according to your browser or server settings. You can try to change the browser settings to Indonesian and see if the storefront language is chosen correctly by default.

Edited! P.S. Just found a thread with the same problem. Please have a look [url=“Set default language - Installation & Upgrade - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Set default language - Installation & Upgrade - CS-Cart Community Forums

Best regards, Alt-team


I got the solution from here

Default Language - use admin setting instead of browser language - Hints & Modifications - CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor Community Forums | Connect with the Community | Find Solutions

It works :)