Change colors dropdown menu and add to cart button


I'm looking for help to change the colors for the dropdwon menu and the add to cart button.

All are V 3.02.

I've tried but it won't work for 100%.

I like the menu and buttons from this website: [url=“”] is for sale | HugeDomains

Can anyone give me details (step by step) to change them?

The dropdowns are just css, but the add to cart is an image sprite. I'm not sure how you are for changing images, but I paid Milan at to do the images for me. The colors were exactly what I wanted and it only cost $10 to have it done.

The sprite includes a couple of different buttons, so having Milan do it made it so the buttons matched.

Also, I'm not sure where you are at, but Milan is in Canada, which made it nice for me. Sure, still a foreigner, but kind of close.

Anyways, I hope that helps,


Thank you for the advice. I've tried it myself and changed the colors in to what I needed. Just used an image programm and changed the colors.

Now only need to change the CSS for the top menu and I'm almost done. When it's going live I will show you for comments.