Change Color please help

Hello -

How I can change the color of this attached IMAGE.

Here is the attached picture.



find this in style.css

.main {
background: url("images/central_bg.png") repeat-x scroll center top #FFFFFF;


.header {
background: url("images/top_bg.png") repeat-x scroll center bottom #FCFCFC;

and change them to your own background images.

As for the background color change this

body {
background-color: #FCFCFC;

in same css file.

To find the lines just copy the above lines and make a search.

The abovo file style.css is in /skins/basic/customer/styles.css



Use the firebug plugin in firefox.

It will help finding the right line in the css file.

Hi there, I was reading this forum and it helped us a lot in changing the background colors/images of our site. Thank you very much.

We're using cs cart 3. Is there any documentation that shows which lines in the style.css should be modified in relation to a background/image on the website? For example, I'd like to change the background of the sidebar categories and in this document, it says I should modify this line in the style.css. I hope I'm making sense. Thanks again.