Change Case

How do I change the letters of “My tags & Wish list” to “My Tags & Wish List”? I want to make the starting letter in Capitals

Title Case.JPG

You need to change it in Administration => Languages

Just search for what you want and then change the value.



Thank you and it works:)

Everything changes except “remember_me”. What could be the issue?

Anyone out there to help me?

Seems to be a missing language variable. Just add a language variable named 'remember_me' and it should translate for you just fine.

Variable 'remember_me' was already there. I tried removing and adding again. It adds but the change doesn't reflect. Default values are as follows:-

remember_me : remember me

I changed to

remember_me : Remember me

Doesn't work. Did a cache cleaner too (

There is a CSS class that makes the 'Sentence' Case.

Look at style.base.css and see what you find.

Please instruct me step by step. Thanks in advance.