Change Address format to accomodate / add a Company Name field

Out of the box CS-CART does not support a “Company Name” field in the billing a shipping address fields to accomodate customers buying on behalf of a company or business.

We need to add another field! How do we do this?

Go to Admin>Users>Profile Fields> (Add your Company Name field and set display & required field options as needed)

And yes, this “should” be one of the “core fields” out of the box rather than an after thought! ;-)

Company Name should already be included in at least 2.2.3+, although is not enabled by default.

Customers > Profile Fields

Check boxes next to '40 Company Name' for Show in Profile and Checkout. You can also make these Required if you wish by ticking the relevent boxes.

[quote]Company Name should already be included in at least 2.2.3+[/quote]

I have not looked over the most recent version releases, so if that is the case this is good news.

Thank you I cannot believe i missed the “Add Field” button at the top! I am running 2.2.4, it is certainly not in the list by default. Anyhow, problem solved, on to the next.

sorry, this does appear to be default in the “contact information” section, but not in the “billing address” or “delivery address” section.