Challenge Create Affiliate Free Shipping and 15% off Promotion with no coupon code.

Help! We are having major problems setting up the affiliates in our new cs-cart,

We desire an affiliate plan that allows the affiliate to place a banner on their website and when a customer clicks through to automatically receive the following bonus:[list]

[]15% off all products

]Free Shipping


  • The commissions are working fine, but configuring the promotion conditions has me stumped.[list]

    []When I create the bonus of 15% off all products + free shipping, I cannot find a “condition” which would restrict the promotion to inbound affiliate links.

    ]In the affiliate plan we select the above cart promotion (15% off all + free shipping)


    We do not want the customer to input a coupon code, only to follow the standard links from banners and automatically receive the discounts noted.

    Is this possible? Am I dreaming? Or, is the only option to mandate a coupon code be entered at checkout? Thanks in advance for any help, we have spent over 7 hours trying to make this work and 5 hours searching forums and documention.

    Please help, thank you!

    affiliate promotion challenge.png

HOPElights, did you ever resolve this challenge?!