Certain links and functions have stopped working front end and admin (security update?)


I recently noticed that some of the links on our site (http://www.silversystems.co.uk) no longer work. It all used to work ok but for some reason its not working now. We haven’t done much development apart from the only thing we did was the security update last year as suggested by Support.

I remember doing the update and briefly looked at the site then, but i didn’t go clicking all the links so i’m not sure if this had anything to do with this problem. Its only come to light now as we wish to upload the full product catalogue and as such realized then that some of the links do not work.

Its only some of the links that don’t work:

  1. ‘Currency’ drop down
  2. The ‘Sign in’ link in the header (‘Register’ works also ‘Sign In’ works in ‘My Account’)
  3. ‘Add to wish list’
  4. ‘View larger image’
  5. ‘Sort by’
  6. ‘Description’ / ‘Send to friend’ / ‘Features’ / ‘Tags’ (Product page)
  7. The categories do not expand in the navigation, so you cannot see any sub categories. I did install the ‘Accordion Menu’ add on early last year and that used to work just fine, so again no sure what happened to make it stop working now.

    I also noticed that there seems issues in the admin area to, such as:
  8. ‘Currency’ selector link at the bottom not working
  9. The Product Tabs such as General, Images, Options etc do not work. The edit product page just lists all the tabbed options as one long page. It also seems like the other tabs on the other admin pages doen’t work either.
  10. The ‘quick menu’ doesn’t work
  11. The ‘All’ dropdown next to the admin page titles/sections doesn’t work

    There may be more… but this is what i’m noticing for now. Is there some relationship to why just these links don’t work. Do they rely on a certain script or something ?

    Any ideas to get this working again ?

    I appreciate any assistance and guidance you can give to this problem.

    Thank you, Anton