Certain Buttons Aren't Visible


I have a problem. Certain buttons are not showing up unless you hover your mouse over the spot e.g. https://store.catholicism.org/index.php?dispatch=profiles.add

Any ideas?

This is what prevents the button from showing up:

.span10 .button-submit-big,
.span10 .button-submit-action span,
.span10 .buttons-container span,
.product-info .button-submit-big,
.product-info .button-submit-action span,
.product-info .buttons-container span {
background-color: transparent;
background-image: none;
border: none !important;

You can undo this setting by adding the following code to your Custom CSS:

.span10 .buttons-container span {
background-color: #4ba8ec;

Thank you! You are a life saver!

FYI: if you are like me and don't know how to locate the file to edit, just use chrome web browser and go to the page in question and right click and choose inspect element and then sources and it will show you the directory of where to find the file.