Central Content Doubled

I have no idea how/why this happened, but the Central Content blocks on my category and products pages have suddenly doubled, one on top the the other. I don’t see any way to delete the extra content block. Any suggestions?

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Note that site is in development, looks awful, etc.

You’ve got two blocks:

Once visible from “ALL PAGES”, the other from the “PRODUCT PAGE” obviously 1+1 = 2 :slight_smile:


PS: Turn off all blocks on “ALL PAGES” and create them per element (CATEGORY, PRODUCT, PAGES) etc.

Yes, this is true. However, I do not see how to eliminate the Central Content block on ‘All Pages’. No ‘x’ in the corner. Just the option to edit the wrapper. I’m probably missing something obvious… but still, I don’t know how to get rid of it (mere mortal here). :slight_smile:

You cannot remove the central content as this is the only element that loads each product/page/category.

No point removing these otherwise you would have no store :wink: