'Central Content' - adding a Category Block?

Version 2.1

Skin: Electro

Ok, the only way I can see to remove the ‘add to cart’ button from the Category page is to add a Block from within each Category. This gives you all the options of disabling the ‘add to cart’ button, grid layout, content and columns numbers too… fantastic!

But, the problem is that the ‘Central Content’ block remains. Is this correct? I can’t see the point of being able to create a Block for the Central area, without being able to at least place it inside the ‘Central Content’, or disable the ‘Central Content’ block altogether.

I have seen this issue raised on the forum but no-one has given an full answer.

Any help appreciated, thanks!

Removing the central content area defeats the purpose of a page … or it seems like it would. Like everything else, it itself resides in a block (which is why you can’t drop another block in it).

That said, you could create a custom page, leave it blank and place it at the bottom of the central column. Versions 2.1+ have a little more control over what is visible than the 2.0 versions.

Thanks gginorio, I feel better knowing there’s a solution, but I can’t see how to do what you’ve outlined.

When you say ‘create a custom page, leave it blank’ - I can’t see how to create a new page without keeping the ‘all pages’ block layout.

Sorry, I’m being thick


there is one general setting for all categories under


and one specific layout for each category.

Edit a category and you have 3 tabs (General,Blocks,Layout)

Layout is what you want. If none of the ready templates suits you can edit them in

you skins folder.