center column help

Hi all,

I have a quick question I’m hoping one of you can solve for me. I put an image in my center column and its pretty wide. What happens is that if you shrink your browser window width down the image goes under the right column :confused: . I can’t for the life of me find the css that would make the right column stop just before the image so that it doesn’t go over it. If you get a chance check it out here. This way you can see what’s happening.

Thanks in advance for your help :smiley:

Probably best to reduce the width of your center image size

Yea that would be the simple route. Client loves the image and at that size. If its possible I would rather lock the home page center to not have the right column go over the center image. If its not possible at least I can tell the client that.

Yeah, but do you want the center image to cover your right column depending on certain customers monitors & screen resolutions, that will not be cool either! You will most likely have some type of important details being displayed on the right which you will be covering up… :wink:

You should probably determine the smallest screen resolution you want to design your site for and resize the center image to fit this.