CC problem

We tried today to use Authorize to see if CC part of the cart works but right after submitting CC we got the text error on white blank screen:

[COLOR=“Blue”]Key must be less than 56 characters and non-zero. Supplied key length: 97 [/COLOR]

From googling the error it seems to be some php encryption error…

Anyone can help with an advice? We copied whatever we have on the other website engine to CS-Cart, the setup fields… Seems like we populated them ok. Not sure where the error is…

Transaction Key for

Admin->Payment Methods->Credit Card->Configure

You can get one from your admin area

Not sure why you are listing this, I did this, I put in all the info. However, that is the error I get…

I don’t know why you’re getting this error but after using Authorize for several years I can’t see a php error being the cause unless you have modded a file and since you copied the information from another source you may have to create a completely new key for the current domain.

Go to your Authorize.Net account control panel and create a new transaction key.

In our panel it does not create new keys depending on domain names, it just creates a new key… Since our old one still works on our current NON-cscart website, I don’t see a reason to generate another key as yet.

And as of modding files, I have not probed too deep, just cosmetic changes.

Well generating a new key takes 5 seconds… so you might as well try it out so you can rule it out as the source of the problem.

You are using the same key on 2 sites? That may be your problem. As far a I know Authorize.Net must be tied to a specific account.

Well, the paid support has stated that this message appears when in file “config.local.php” value “$config[‘crypt_key’]” is longer than 56 characters, which it was, I had no idea about length restrictions, perhaps they should comment it above the line…

Very strange I have no such issues with mine or any of my clients. My transaction key is 16 characters.

[quote name=‘roban’]Very strange I have no such issues with mine or any of my clients. My transaction key is 16 characters.[/QUOTE]

Mine is too, 16 characters. However, if you would re-read, please, you will find that I was not talking about the transaction key length but of a custom string that is used as a seed in encrypting credit card info for storage in the database rather than access values.

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[quote name=‘racingsolution’]You figure it out yet?[/QUOTE]

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