Caught in a shipping loop

Version 2.0.4. using Fire Fox and IE7.

I place an order and enter billing info then click shipping same as billing and the fields populate correctly with billing info in the shipping address. When I click on ‘Next Step’ the shipping address re-opens and the ‘Ship to billing address’ link is shown again. I doesn’t matter if I have Ajax enabled or not. I can’t get past this screen. The only way I can get to the payment option is if I am a logged in user and yes I have allow anonymous buyers enabled. So someone wanting to check out without registering cannot. I used the dbupgrade script.

The store is in a test directory so it isn’t live.

I’ve got the same problem Roban, I posted in a similar thread yesterday but can’t find it since

I’m lookig for the checkout options in the file system as in step1, step 2, etc. Can’t see them yet but thinking it’s an issue with the conversion script.