Categroy Grid On Homepage


Does anyone know if it is possible to add a grid section on the Homepage that displays all Categories on the Cart, with a thumbnail and title?

I can add this for Product and select latest, best sellers etc. but I can't find anywhere to display the categories with a thumbnail, only a Category tree.


Block with categories has the Multi-columns list template. Did you try it?

I will try that, thank you.


I've have been trying to add Multi-columns list template to the homepage by adding a new custom block, but this does not work.

Can I ask if there is any instructions on how I add the tpl content to the homepage please?

I have tried to copy the categories_multicolumn_list.tpl into the static_templates folder renamed as categories_multicolumn_list_home.

I have upload this then created a block on the homepage and selected this from the dropdown, but nothing is displaying.



I think I have found a solution now and it is working. Thanks.