Category Symbolic Links?

Hi again!

This could be an excelent feature: [SIZE=“5”]Category Symbolic Links[/SIZE]

Imagine that you want to sell a “Drum Machine”.

That product could be in these 3 root categories:

-Drums///Drum Machines

-Percussion///Drum Machines

-MIDI///Drum Machines

Instead of adding each product with 2 secondary categories ALWAYS, it would be great to make a “category shortcut” just once!

NOW! :), imagine that you make the “real” category “Drums///Drum Machines” and then you add 2 symlinks:

Percussion///Drum Machines → Drums///Drum Machines

MIDI///Drum Machines → Drums///Drum Machines

Now you will just add the products to Percussion///Drum Machines and then it will be automatically on the symlinks.

This saves much work!