Category Seo Name Changed During Upgrade Bug?

I upgraded my store from v3.06 to 4.36 vi upgrade centre.

SEO CATEGORY names in the new store seem to have been taken from the old store PAGE title.


Page title old store Dr Marten Safety Boots

SEO CAT Name old store was dr-marten-safety-boots-shoes.html

Page title NEW store Dr Marten Safety Boots

SEO CAT Name NEW store is dr-marten-safety-boots.html

Is there a way to export all category seo names so I can fix this before going live

I have posted to bud tracker

Unfortunately there is no way to export SEO category names from 3.x stores. We can offer you our custom development service to make this transfer. Feel free to contact us

Bug report here:

And an older one here:

The latter one is marked as fixed.

It makes no sense to do custom development on an important bug. CS-Cart needs this resolved instead.

I totally agree about a bug. But I do not think that CS-Cart developers will make this transfer for you. But if the another upgrade is an option for you, just wait for their answer.