Category quantity discount

Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out if it is possible to do a quantity discount by category, mix-and-match style.

For example, I have a category called “Soap”. Can I (either through quantity discount or a promotion) have a “4 for $24” discount, with any products in that category counting towards the 4?

I have been poking around, so far the best I can do is getting 4 of the same product for the discounted price, but I really want people to be able to pick multiple kinds. In the promotions, I can add the category to a cart promotion, but that is a flat discount regardless of amount. There is a secondary condition is for “total items in cart,” which won’t quite cut it… I’m looking for something like “total items in category”

I’m sure I’m missing something, anyone have any ideas?

This is not currently available but has been requested:


You might want to add your comments to the above feature request to nudge the developers a bit.