Category/Product & keywords, help please

Looking at Google keywords generated from my site I noticed it picked “cash” as my most dominant keyword. What I require is “Cash registers” and “Cash drawers”.

These are categories on my site but my question is related to products just as much. How can I input categories and products so that Google recognises them as a phrase and not two words? Is there a character in-between the words I can use for example?

Many thanks.

There is no characters you need to put inbetween the words. You need to get links toward the page with the phrases as anchor text you want to rank for. Also just make sure your phase is in your title tag.

Many thanks for the info. So I have to create addtional links on top of my categories pointing to the same place using anchor text? Have you an example page I can look at?

You shouldn’t really need to create a link on the page itself or anything.

In google webmaster tools, keywords will only ever only show you single words that it has found on your website, it won’t show you phrases.