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I have a problem with my website…when you are on the second page of a category, and you click on product to get to product detail page, then from product detail page you hit the “back” button, it takes you to the first page of the category instead of the second page.

Is anyone facing this same situation? Is this possible to fix?

You can look at my site at

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Thank you,


cs-cart v.1.3.3

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about the ‘back’ button. You mean ‘back’ in the browser? It will take you back to wherever you came from, you skipped the second page to get whereever you are, going back will also skip that. It works properly for me at least.

Which of your categories are more than 1 category deep?

for example, 7 Inch Heel category

when you are on page 4 and in the product detail page of 0032-Polka-Dot, then you hit back, it takes you back to page 1, not page 4.

hmm, I cant be on page 4 and then go to 0032-polka-dot because that is on page 1. But if you mean go 7inch heel->page 4->a product in page 4->hit back-> this results in going to page 1 and not page 4. Yeah, happens to my cs-cart site too.

If you look at the url, the category is ‘17’ and doesnt change no matter which page you are on until you go into a product detail. When you go back, the only thing the browser has is category ‘17’ which starts on page 1.

But…now put your mouse over the page number. At the bottom left hand of your explorer browser, you’ll see how it’s calling page 4. This is the url to your page 4:


I don’t know how to make it work with the browser, but it shouldn’t be too hard to make a button ‘back’ in product details page to get pack to page 4. I did a usability test and people did want a ‘back’ button.

Anyone done it? :slight_smile:

btw, wheres your page numbering at the top? I have both top and bottom. I didn’t even notice you had several pages at first because I didnt spot them at the bottom.

The link that you posted works perfectly fine. How did you do that? How can I implement that?