category page shows up -page not found

Everything under the ‘uniform’ category is giving a page not found error. All the other categories work fine. I can’t seem to think of what caused it as the site hadn’t been modified. I am using SEO optimization, which worked fine until now. Any help would be appreciated.

If I disable SEO everything seems to work properly. Anyone have any ideas why it would affect just this category ?


I’ve been able to get it to work by setting SEO options to



I’ve checked my logs and nothing has been changed. Since the page_not found error seems to be server based and not originating from CS-CART I’m not sure if this may have something to do with the server side.

I just cant’ figure out why this is only affecting one parent category.

Try to:

  1. uninstall the SEO addon
  2. delete /var/cache/ and /var/compiled/ folder
  3. reinstall the SEO addon