Category page layout question

On the “Categories” tab, when editing the category I have 4 options;





When I go to the “Layout” tab and select the “Use custom layout.” Based on my available layouts I have;


Products grid




List without options

Compact list

When I select “Product Grid” under available layouts and set my “Default category layout” to “Products Grid”, these changes do not alter or change my category page on my website? I still get the “List” layout?

Does anyone know if there is a setting within CS-Cart that is overriding my Category page layout?

I notice under the first option listing under the “Layout” tab, I see a “Product details layout” that is set to “default template”. When I click on the ? mark icon, I get a pop-up that say’s “By default, the template that is defined in the appearance settings of the storefront is used”. Are the developers referring to the Administration/Settings/Appearance window. If so, I have the exact same settings as here, “Products Grid”

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

Not sure if this helps, but Ive always had problems getting the customer layout to resond to the (admin) custom setting for categories.

It usually displays to the previous layout setting, even after clearing the cache…

The problem is that on the customer side, These layout settings seem to be stored in cookies.

I found that deleting cookies for my site EVERY time i made a Layout change, the pages were shown correctly.

For example: setting “Default category layout:” to GRID , saving, then deleting the cookies from your browser, reloading the category/page, loads with the correct layout default.

The “Default Category Layout:” settings is effective for ONLY the first time a customer loads a page. The layout is determined by that stored in cooky from that point on.

So from an online visitors point of view, it all works well, but from a developers view, the settings have the illusion of not working.

Man have I spent some time working THAT out !